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For e-learning courses, course materials and examinations that use the digital learning platform

The Swiss Safety Centre Academy offers a digital learning platform that can be accessed on any device – all you need is an internet connection. It provides all course materials in one place, including documents, exercises and e-learning courses covering a host of subjects. The personnel certification examinations are also organised via this learning platform.

Businesses can also use the learning platform to access the many different e-learning courses developed by the Swiss Safety Center.


How you benefit as a student 

  • You can access your course content any time, anywhere. 
  • You can tailor your learning process to your requirements – independent of time or place. 
  • You can access the platform from any mobile device. 

How you benefit as a business 

  • You can manage learning processes at an operational level. 
  • You are given progress reviews and analysis of course completions. 
  • You receive written confirmation on the transfer of knowledge for specific topics, meaning you can keep to your specified guidelines.